Opticyte® Surgical Repair Graft 1x2

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Merakris Therapeutics offers top-off the line Opticyte amniotic corneal bandages in different shapes and sizes. Merakris ocular tissue technology is based on a sophisticated and delicate manufacturing process intended to retain extracellular matrix properties and structures. This makes it ideal for ocular applications.

  • Processed without harsh chemical reagents that may cause irritation when placed in the corneal bed.
  • Opticyte Matrix provides an ophthalmic barrier to the corneal surface and supports cell attachment and ingrowth.
  • Minimal scarring is observed in Opticyte Matrix-protected corneas during healing and re-epithelialization.

Primary indication is for homologous use, covering and protecting:

  • Corneal and stromal ulcerations
  • Pterygium excisions
  • Conjunctiva surface reconstruction
  • Enhancing epithelialization in limbal stem cell deficiency or epithelial defects

The ocular matrix is rectangular in shape and measures 1x2 cm.

1x ocular matrix per package. 

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