Oculus Binocular Loupe

Magnification 1.8x

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  • The high-quality OCULUS optic ensures bright images, true-color and depth of field.
  • The large diameter exit pupil makes binocular adjustment easy for optimal vision.
  • The low weight and the ergonomically designed system carriers prevent strain, even for longer periods of wear.
  • The ability to adjust the pupil distance and change the angle of convergence allows optimal adaptation to the wearer’s individual needs.
  • For room orientation purposes, the magnifying lenses can be flipped up, without having to change the system settings.
  • A clear view through the metal frame is maintained.
  • Corrective or protective lenses can be inserted into the metal frame.
  • Optimal near vision adapters enable wearers to use standard multi-focal lenses.
    The modular concept of the 1.8x binocular loupe allows optics with other magnifications to be mounted quickly and easily, for flexible adjustment to changing requirements.
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