Goldmann 3-Mirror Contact Glass - Adult

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Goldmann 3-Mirror Contact Glass for Adult, 12 mm  (Haag-Streit)

Haag-Streit Lenses are manufactured from mineral glass and incorporate a special anti-reflective surface coating.

For examination of the entire ocular fundus and the iridocorneal angle. The advantage of a longer mirror is that it often permits binocular observation of the lateral sections of the ocular fundus.

Zone 1 : Lens examination of the ocular fundus in the 30° zone, mostly with a magnification of 10 x.

Zone 2 : Mirror with a declination of 73°. Observation of the zone outside of the 30° range.

Zone 3 : Mirror with a declination of 66°. Observation of the peripheral sections of the ocular fundus, and under favorable conditions, also of the ora serrata.

Zone 4 : Mirror with a declination of 59°. Observation of the vitreous body and ocular fundus sections neighboring the ora serrata as well as a gonioscopic examination.

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