Expanded Amsler Grid Booklet

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This is an expanded version of our popular Amsler Book and provides 7 Amslers and a score sheet master.

In addition to the 4 grids we’ve always included, this expanded booklet adds the White Dots, Parallel Line and Parallel Line with Central Line Grids. In addition to the Standard Grid, the Red on Black is used to diagnose a color scotoma.The White Dots Grid reveals a scotoma without distortion. The two Parallel Line Grids are used for with patients needing a more simplified Amsler and are presented both horizontally and vertically. Each of the small squares on the Grid with Small Squares approximates 1/2 degree and is used for patients with small, central scotomata.

Contains the following charts:

  1. Standard (Amsler Chart)
  2. Central (Scotoma Diagonal)
  3. Color Scotoma (Red on Black)
  4. No Lines (Dots)
  5. Metamorphopsia (Parallel Lines on Black)
  6. Metamorphopsia Reading (Added Central Lines)
  7. Juxta-central (Standard with Small Squares)

Expanded Amsler Chart Set measures 6.25" x 6.25" (15.78 cm x 15.78 x cm) with labeled tabs for easy use.

Printed on durable styrene and includes score sheet.


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